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Always satisfied customers.

As professional developers know that you not only want to buy a house but to acquire an asset that over the years it’s quiet in environments that allow development of a full life.

The Impulsa Team makes buying a home in Mexico easy. They take your hand and guide you through every step of the process. We have bought 2 homes from them and cannot imagine buying from any other builder. We have full trust in them. Impulsa builds a quality product and they attended to any deficiencies quickly and efficiently. They are truly all about the people that they employ and for that we commend them.

Paul y Tabatha Hackett

As a first time buyer in Mexico's real estate market, I was unsure of the security of the investment, the quality of the product and the complexity involved in attaining ownership. The staff at Impulsa Inmuebles walked me patiently through every step of the way including the ownership process and even assistance with furnishing the property at possession. The end result is a fabulous property and a fabulous investment. My post possession experience was even more remarkable. Any problems I had with the property were taken care of quickly and effectively. I would buy from no one else but Impulsa. Gracias Impulsa Inmuebles!

Stuart Palace, Edmonton, Alberta. Canada

Step by step as they build the home, and fulfill the contract, they also build confidence and trust, The purchase and move-in process was made stress -free by the staff’’s extra effort to assure every detail was addressed promptly and completely.

Dr. Leslie Korn, Olimpia, Washington. USA

The commitment I have seen from the workers at Impulsa really impressed me, and I would recommend them to anyone, if just for the customer service!

Cheryll Conklin. Livonia, Michigan. USA.

We are extremely happy with the location, quality of the homes and the amazing friendly and professional service we received in investing with Impulsa. We highly recommend anyone interested in investing in Mexico to consider Impulsa before an investment is made.

Denise & Al Bahrey. Aquadeo Resort, Saskatchewan. Canada.

The Impulsa Team are providing homes that present style and quality with construction and innovative thinking on providing secure, quiet, accessible and beautiful garden setting for the homes. Thank you Impulsa for your excellence in your continued strive to provide a truly professional contribution to all. 

Larry Price. Clendenin, West Virginia. USA

Staff and Management is very friendly and cooperative. Thumbs up!

Ajay V Talwar. Vancouver, BC. Canada

All in all, a very good experience with the Impulsa staff being professional and helpful at all time.  I would recommend the Impulsa Group to anyone purchasing property in Mazatlan or elsewhere in Mexico.

Aubrey Haworth.Florence, Arizona, USA.

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