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Financing and payment options
by Impulsa

There are a couple of different ways to go about buying property in Mexico. One way is to buy through a development company like Impulsa. Another is through a mortgage company such as MexLend, Mexquest, Laredo National Bank, etc.

Impulsa offers several different financing and payment options on its developments, and they are some of the most flexible in the Mexican Real Estate market.

What is a Fideicomiso?

When it comes to conducting business in Mexico, the Fideicomiso (pronounced fee-day-coe-mee-so) is one of the key legal arrangements you will need to understand. A Fideicomiso is a type of trust that is required for foreigners to buy property in certain parts of Mexico.

A fideicomiso is a contract between a settlor —who delegates certain assets owned by him— and the trustee who manages those assets in favor of a third person who is called the beneficiary.

In simple terms it refers to someone who grants his property rights to someone else to manage them for a certain time in a preestablished way.

A fideicomiso is regulated by the Credit Instruments And Operations General Law.

The main objective is to give foreign buyers all of the rights of property ownership, including the ability to sell, lease, improve, change, use, bequeath, or encumber a property.

Trustees must submit applications to the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (the Mexican equivalent of the department of foreign affairs) in Mexico to obtain permits for the constitution of a fideicomiso.


  • Proof of foreign citizenship.
  • The property must be for residential use (housing) and be already built.
  • Permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico
  • Registration in the National Registry of Foreign Investment.
  • $2,500 USD payment per year


  • You’ll have all of the rights of property ownership.
  • Banks are not allowed to take any action with the Trust or Property Rights.
  • 50-year perpetually renewable and transferable Bank Trust.
  • Confidence, security and impartiality.

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