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Opens Mazatlan Home Port

As of yesterday, Mazatlan became Home Port for the european sightseeing cruise Ocean Dream, Pullmantur.  Eduardo Barroso, president of the european cruiseline Pullmantur, said that Mazatlan is now on operational agenda for the Ocean Dream. “This, represents a major challenge to achieve a greater number of walkers to take the Ocean Dream from this port, which received a 9 score from the same passengers, among the five ports we visit.  We are very happy to give this anouncement, because it is something we are asking our passengers, whom had been ensuring that Mazatlan is a beautiful place with special service, huge amount of things to do, great hospitality, great food, and I would to congratulate the Mazatlan people, because people leaves very happy”, said Eduardo Barroso.

For the 2011 Season, which starts on July 5, it had been scheduled 13 departures of the Ocean Dream from Mazatlan, but there is the possibility to increase this number.  This will determine whether Sinaloa responds to quality services and safety.

The Ocean Dream keeps inside the confort of their cabins, swimming pools, jacuzzi, clubs, bars, gaming center, dinning and care services, all tha has to have an international cruise.